Best Nintendo Games of All Time

If you are a fan of Nintendo games, then we are sure that you will absolutely love this article. In order to give you a clear image of the history of these games, we have made a list with the best Nintendo games of all time. Therefore, take your time and enjoy it.

Vice: Project Doom
This Nintendo game debuted many years ago, in 1991. In the beginning, it wasn’t very popular but later became extremely appreciated by gamers all over the world. The storyline was quite intriguing, as the focus was on a detective and his cases regarding a secret alien corporation. Project Doom was actually a multi-genre game, with elements similar to Ninja Gaiden and segments reminiscent of Spy Hunter. In plus, the game was embellished with standard facets such as a limited number of lives as well as a health gauge.
Contra is another famous Nintendo game, and it was released in the ’80s. It soon became very appreciated by gamers of all ages. An interesting fact about Contra is that it popularized the now-famous Konami code. The difficulty that the game involved wasn’t a disadvantage at all, but a huge advantage for professional gamers and amateurs alike.
Jackal was released in the United States and it was about the rescue as well as retrieval of POWs. Its debut took place three years after Rambo. The game relied on a Jeep outfitted with a heavy-set machine gun. Jackal is known due to its draconian difficulty. However, thanks to the modern conveniences it is possible to alleviate some of the problems through save states.

Maniac Mansion
Maniac Mansion is an amazing adventure game, that is actually the brainchild of Ron Gilbert, a renowned developer. Do you want to know what is all about? Well, Maniac Mansion is about the players who control a group of teenagers who try to rescue one of their own. The entire action takes place inside the mansion of a mad scientist and his depraved family. There is no doubt that the game is extremely challenging and captivating and it doesn’t let you get bored absolutely at all.
Even though Castlevania doesn’t feature big and interconnected areas to explore, still remains one of the most popular Nintendo games. However, later on, new improvements were added to the game, in order to satisfy the old players as well as the new ones. In this game, gamers have the possibility to control Simon Belmont and also explore to the fullest the famous Dracula’s Castle, in order to vanquish the dark lord. Along the way, the main character must fight through various enemies such as Frankenstein’s monster or mummies. During his journey, he also finds several items such as holy waters and throwing knives. All in all, Castlevania is a Nintendo game that keeps you focused at all times.

Whether you are a Nintendo games enthusiast or you are just curious about these amazing games, we really hope that you have enjoyed our article. Moreover, we hope that we have made you curious and that you will start looking for any of the above games in order to test it.

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