Nintendo Games to Play in 2019

Nintendo games have been and still are extremely popular. They are highly appreciated all over the world by gamers of all ages. If you also love them, then the good news is that there are some new releases in 2019 that we highly recommend to try. Therefore, if we have made you curious, then take a look at the following Nintendo games to play in 2019.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
This challenging Nintendo game is an excellent example of the amazing technical feats the Switch is actually capable of when professional and creative developers put their minds to it. Senua’s Sacrifice uses rich AAA production values, in order to get across the wonderful indie theme of mental health awareness. This includes stunning claustrophobic environments as well as constant shifting perspectives. In plus, we are sure that you will absolutely love the constant intimate ASMR-esque audio that simulates voices in your head.

Dragon: Marked For Death
The digital version of this game is actually split in two. Each part offers two of the four characters. However, the physical version has quite everything, including a bonus gear as well as weapons and quests. Dragon: Marked For Death is actually a loot-driven action RPG similar to Diabloor Destiny. The game is very modern, and we strongly recommend to gamers all over the world.

Hob: The Definitive Edition
This game is a lovely little adventure that does an excellent job not holding your hand. Instead, it gives you a dumb robot hand that you can use for smashing enemies and for solving puzzles. Hob: The Definitive Edition thrives on the strength of its environmental puzzles. All in all, this Nintendo game is basically wordless, and you must definitely try it.

Katana Zero
Another Nintendo game you need to try in 2019 is Ktana Zero. Even though Hotline Miami is considered one of the most underrated sheer influence indie games, Katana Zero has a great focus on sidecrolling slashing and not on the top-down shooting. This game features its own tricks like a useful dodge roll, a VHS rewinding time travel, as well as timed dialogue sequences. Katana Zero is one of the Nintendo games that has been released in 2019 and that lots of gamres have tried it. Therefore, if you also like this type of games then don’t hesitate and go for it.

Trials Rising
There is no doubt that the Trials franchise is absolutely excellent fit for Switch. Trials Rising is exactly the kind of thing you want to do again and again. The game recalls Nintendo’s own ExciteBike series. Even though the levels are quite short, they are without a doubt creative and numerous. Trials Rising has a different art style, but again, the advantage is that you can play it on a bus.

If you cannot wait to play a new Nintendo game, then the good news is that there are several games that are being released in 2019. We have mentioned just a few in this article, but we really hope that you will look for the others as well, in order to choose something that suits you best.

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