Nintendo’s Popularity in the UK

Even though you are not a gamer, you have certainly heard about Nintendo games. They have a quite long and interesting history behind and they have always been highly appreciated not only by children but by individuals of all ages as well. In this article, we will talk about the popularity of Nintendo games in the UK. Therefore, if you find this subject interesting, then continue to read our article.

If we have to compare the United States of the United Kingdom, we can say that the UK has less potential customers that the US. However, Nintendo games are still very popular in Great Britain and the number of sales increases from a year to another. Things were not like this in the past, when Nintendo games were not really popular at all in England. Today, with all the constant talk of Nintendo’s games you would most probably think otherwise, but its all really just marketing. When Mario 3 was launched in the United Kingdom, it was actually crushed in sales by one of the Dizzy games. The computer market in England is very strong at the moment, and it is believed that it will become even stronger in the future thanks to the new generation of gamers.

Nintendo Switch has sold extremely well in the UK. It has managed to actually sell over 700,000 units since its launch. Its three amazing games, The Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Super Mario Odyssey have sold more than 1-million copies between them. This is without a doubt a fantastic achievement in only 48 weeks on sale. There is no doubt that Nintendo is enjoying a renaissance in the United Kingdom. Unlike other countries, Nintendo has not proactively declared its UK sales figures. Furthermore, it has not even sent out a vague PR release in order to proclaim a ‘record-breaking performance’. The console game that has been sold the fastest in Great Britain is the Nintendo Wii, which managed to reach the major 1-million sales milestone in only 38 weeks. On the second place is PS4, which achieved 1-million sales in 42 weeks. These are definitely big achievements for this country and due to this fact we can draw the conclusion that Nntendo games have become really popular here in the past few years.

It doesn’t matter that the United Kingdom is not on the first place when it comes to the popularity of Nintendo games, because the huge advantage that this country has is that these items are cheaper than they are in many other states. If you ever visit England and you are a Nintendo enthusiast, then we highly recommend you to visit some game shops and get your favorite Nintendo game. If you are lucky enough, then you will probably catch some reductions as well, as they are quite often in the UK. However, we are sure that this industry will develop quite a lot in Great Britain in the future, given the fact that it has considerably and quickly improved in the past few years.

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